The growing demand of Automobiles is also demanding new polymer compound developments with focus on new requirements. Plast Alloys India Ltd. is committed to deliver compounds as per the customer specifications.

Examples :

● Automobile, Glove box lid.
● Instrument Panel Garnish
● Garnish control lever
● Door handles, battery box
● Cover timing belt outside
● Bracket gearshift boot
● Car AC grills, housings and fan
● Car AC duct lid
● Box console, jumbo box
● Steering column housing
● Outer housing central locking device
● Tool box, seat base and seat base trims

  ● Hood meter cluster
  ● Head and tail lighting house
  ● Side indicator housing
  ● Reflector housing
  ● Speedometer inner opaque housing
  ● Speedometer outer case
  ● Inside and rear view mirror housing
  ● Speaker cover and back utility tray
  ● Air filter housing
  ● Engine cover and case heater
  ● Front, centre and rear trims
  ● Bumper and instrumental panel
● Horn pad
● Resonator tank
● Condenser housing
● Cable outer
● Car & wheeler fenders
● Wheel caps
● Radiator grills
● Door trims, mud flaps
● Air duct assembly
● Footrest
● Visor holder and clips
● Fuse box cover
● Cable pipes


Appliances are the sector where the demand of Plastics Compounds is in terms of High Gloss and good heat distortion Temperature properties. Regular Compounds like ABS & Nylon have been used in this sector for various applications and for a long period. Plast Alloys India Ltd. has developed Filled PP Compound to give high gloss & higher HDT to replace costly ABS & Nylon for specific applications.

Examples :

  ● Steam Iron.
  ● Cooler.
  ● Air Conditioner.
  ● Refrigerator.
  ● Washing Machine.
  ● Microvawe.
  ● Air Purifier


A very large segment of Polymers consuming industry is also using Filled PP Compounds to achieve Property stiffness and reduction in costs. Usually highly Filled PP Compounds up to 80% loading are used by this industry for molding of Garden Furniture/ Stools/ Tables/ Pots etc

Example :

● Garden furniture chairs ● tables and stools ● household sofa ● pool side chairs

● seat arm rest ● stadium chairs ● children play tables ● children play blackboards

● molded pallets ● irrigation accessories


Electrical properties required for compact Moldings restraint at the use of Filled PP Compounds. However, the industry has adapted itself and now various compounds being used for application like, Meter Box/ Plug Machine etc. in Filled PP Based Compounds. Mica Filled PP is used for Plug moulding and FR Compounds is the mandatory requirement of meter box.

Examples :

Thermostat housings, relay base and cover, terminal box & sockets, capacitors cans, mosquito repellant housings, fan regulator cover, cover PTC, electrical plugs, Meter box housing, electronic ballast enclosure, CFL lamp housing, electric motor housing, Genset components, multi socket extension housing, industrial fan blades.


Display Sheets, Automobile Profiles, Automobile Beadings, Automobile Sheat Catches, Cooling Tower Profiles, Door Profile Corner Joints


Sewing Machine Base & Cover, Bathroom Stools, Brush Handles, Toilet Cisterns.